Gülek Plaza Housing Estate

  • Location : Adana
  • Project Type : Housing
  • Duration of Project : 24 Ay
  • Status : Completed
  • Construction m² : 24.300 m²

GÜLEK PLAZA HOUSING ESTATE is a complex of luxury houses situated in a 13,000 m² land with pine trees near the dam in Northern Adana. In the housing estate having a total of 24,300 m² construction site, there are open and covered garages, a social facility in a historical building, playgrounds for children and a swimming pool.

As well as being the most prestigious housing estate in Adana, it is one of the first examples of “Luxury Housing Estates” in the city. The housing estate consists of blocks of 16, 12 and 10 floors and 3 blocks of 5 floors. In the complex, there are various normal and dublex type apartments with sizes varying between 200 and 400 m². The houses, constructed using reinforced concrete skeleton building system, were completed withalldecorationsandwere soldallshortlyafter the start oftheirmarketing. The fact that the building site is on the piece of land where deceased Mr. Kasım Gülek once had his house gives it a special character.