Palmiye Houses - 1

  • Location : Adana
  • Project Type : Housing
  • Duration of Project : 19 Ay
  • Status : Completed
  • Construction m² : 3.100 m²

Located right opposite Lake Seyhan, PALMIYE HOUSES were constructed with the company’s own assets on land owned by the company itself.

As a continuation of Kurttepe Houses, these houses have an L-shaped settlement overlooking the lake and consist of a tennis court, a swimming pool, an inner garden, playgrounds for children and a private car park. In this Housing Estate consisting of one single block, there are 13 independent parts and a total construction site of 3100 m².

In the construction, reinforced concrete skeleton building system was used. Stone coatings, clay roofing tiles and low scale are some of the attractions of these houses.