Sunar Nuri Çomu Business and Shopping Center

  • Location : Adana
  • Project Type : Commercial Building and Shopping Mall
  • Duration of Project : 36 month
  • Year : 2016
  • Status : Completed
  • Construction m² : 30.122 m2
Sunar Nuri Çomu Commercial Building and Shopping Mall has been planned on a square four sides surrounded by reconstruction routes and parking areas with total 7.080 m2 at the heart of the commercial life and the pedestrian, vehicle and public transportation is very suitable. 
The center is constituted from 3 offices and shopping block with total 163 independent sections and nearly 6000 m2 is separated to common field, underground and over ground parking places and 25.000 m2 is separated to commercial and office areas.
Sunar Nuri Commercial Building is accomplished at the Adana’s rising value Ziyapaşa Boulevard and rises right at the heart of the city. Its office areas with different sizes and the modular structure of the project have been designed to provide the maximum efficiency even at the smallest place. The floor offices, which consist of modules that can be combined arbitrarily, respond to the different needs of the users and the investors. 
Everything you look for to live the life in full will be together with the shops, cafes and restaurants, which are more beautiful than each other and appeal to every taste. The pleasure, color, energy and activity are waiting for you.